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ZURICH, Switzerland May 4, 2009 Trend Researcher and author Frans Van der Reep along with on-line communication and community specialist Lee Bryant take us through lessons of the past to show us ways to structure new, more resilient and low-cost corporations allowing for the revival of the global village. Bryant and Van der Reep are scheduled to present at SOMESSO (, the pan-European Corporate Social Media Conference that explores the role of business activity and communications online, in London 09 at 1:50 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. respectively on May 15 at the Emirates Stadium in north London. In his SOMESSO presentation, The tribalisation of business, Van der Reep will take us back in time to the middle ages as a metaphor to really understand what is happening today and to show the evolution of business practices. Van der Reep is a visionary practitioner, known as a researcher, trend watcher, writer, regular speaker, and entrepreneur. He is a professor of the digital world at the INHolland University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands (, senior strategist of royal KPN and holds a number of non-executive board memberships both in the non-profit and profit sector. He also inspired the Nextpractice-Institute ( He has written many papers books on how the Internet impacts our lives and work thereby connecting the various business realms of Strategy, Marketing & Sales, HRM, Finance, Business Process Management and ICT. He is speaking at SOMESSO as an INHolland fellow.In his SOMESSO presentation, Lee Bryant will discuss how we can use the recession as an opportunity to recast business processes to reduce coordination costs, in his presentation Designing twenty-first century organisations with social tools. Bryant has a strong belief in the empowering potential of the Internet, and a commitment to the development of an international knowledge-based society that can transcend cultural and economic barriers. Bryant is the CEO of Headshift, Europes leading enterprise social computing consultancy, with more than five years experience in designing, implementing and growing next generation social software solutions. He co-founded Headshift in 2002 to focus on the emerging area of social software and social networking. Bryant has been playing with words and computers since the age of 10, and has a strong belief in the empowering potential of the Internet. He is also a board member of a social enterprise, Involve, and a trustee of the Foundation for Science Technology and Culture.For more information about SOMESSO London 09 or to register for the conference, please visit


About Somesso London '09
Held at the Emirates Stadium in North London, Somesso is set to be the London corporate social media event of the year. With talks from high-profile experts including Stowe Boyd, IBM's Andy Piper, Doe Anderson's Jason Falls and Havas Media Lab's Umair Haque, the event looks at how companies can embrace and benefit from the social web. The day will share inspiration and lessons from early adopters, along with concrete advice on implementation and ROI, and will culminate in an open panel addressing pain points in corporate adoption of social media.

About Somesso
Somesso is a new platform with a mission to address the ways social media is transforming business. Today, countless social tools are available at little or no cost, bringing potential savings and benefits across the board. And increasingly, companies are discovering that the traditional ways of doing business are inadequate to cope with the opportunities and challenges of the Internet age. We are now living in the age of the sociable enterprise: it is time to embrace change. Through conferences, webinars, networking and online resources, SOMESSO aims to bring together the worlds business decision makers with social media early adopters, evangelists, change managers and other experts, with one goal: bringing in the age of sociable enterprise.

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